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5 Ways HR Tech Can Help You Streamline Compliance

Technology is constantly evolving to impact departments in every industry, and HR is no exception. The HR software industry is expected to exceed $10 billion this year, so there’s no shortage of opportunities for HR teams to implement tools that make life easier.

Compliance is one HR function that’s critically important, but regulations are constantly evolving, and compliance tasks themselves are often time-consuming and tedious.

For HR professionals, introducing tech to shoulder some of the compliance burden is a welcome change. Check out the five scenarios below for examples of HR tech uses in the compliance space. 

1. Accurately Monitor Overtime and PTO

Monitoring overtime and PTO is crucial for ensuring that employees get paid accurately. HR tech improves the process of tracking overtime and PTO for both employers and employees. HR team members can use software to track, report, and predict overtime expenses allowing them to monitor results by department, manager, or location. This same functionality allows HR professionals to produce headcount analysis reports efficiently and provide accurate data to inform business decisions.

On the other hand, employees may gain more control over their work lives with flexible schedules and the ability to manage PTO on any mobile device. 

2. Automate Pay Transparency

Pay transparency is the next area where HR software excels. By leveraging tech tools, HR professionals can analyze real-time data to ensure fair practices. More specific use cases include comparing compensation across various attributes (like department, job title, and location), planning and executing pay increases and bonuses, and resolving vague expectations in job descriptions.

The result? Employees understand their roles, what’s expected of them and the associated pay, and employers gain greater organizational compensation visibility. 

3. Optimize Recruiting

Recruiting is a tedious process that can be significantly improved with HR tech. From a compliance angle, HR tech can ensure that HR teams and recruiters always comply with federal, state, and local laws. The details involved in these types of legislation are constantly changing, so incorporating tech is a great way to ensure you’re always up-to-date. 

During the interview stage, HR tech provides scorecards that make hiring decisions more objective. Using the same criteria for each candidate allows for more direct comparisons that remove as much bias as possible. 

4. Support Managers of Remote Employees

Many employees appreciate the opportunity to work remotely, but managers may find it more challenging to provide support and oversight in a remote environment. Thankfully, these tools allow remote teams to flourish. 

HR Software can alert managers of timecard/overage red flags for early detection. Managers can also use software to track performance reviews, feedback, progress, and goals over time. And while employees work, they can receive notifications on their mobile devices when policies are updated. 

5. Streamline Employee Benefits and Open Enrollment

In addition to all the benefits above, tech solutions offer open enrollment assistance and ease the burden of benefits administration for both HR professionals and employees. HR professionals can manage employee benefits through an online platform that integrates with payroll, time, and the IRS. 

When employees are weighing their options, support tools are provided to help educate and guide them about their options. Time tracking software can be linked to determine which employees are eligible for benefits. New hires and employees can also be offered the option to elect or opt out of benefits. 

Learn More About HRIS Tech

With so many solutions for business owners, investing in HR tech has become the norm to streamline critical tasks—compliance and otherwise. If the benefits above sparked ideas for your organization, HRIS technology might be a perfect fit!

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