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      PEO Broker Solutions

      Designed to Save You Time & Money

      We match small and medium-sized businesses with providers of commercial insurance (workers compensation, liability), benefits coverage (health, accident and such), payroll management (including payroll line of credit), human resources support and related services. 

      With experience and savvy, we navigate the complex PEO world to recommend the best fit of a client’s needs with a provider’s strengths.  

      We earn trust by doing the right thing – always.       



      Benefits of companies that use PEOs…


      Less Likely to Go Out of Business

      Get a competitve edge and set your business up with the best recipe for success.

      Lower Employee Turnover

      Retain and attract employees to your business like never before.


      Reduction on Health Insurance Premiums

      Offer better benefits for less resulting in better employee retention.

      What types of companies benefit from a PEO?

        A company that lacks sufficient internal resources or capitalization to manage the Human Resource & Risk Management functions.

        A company looking to reduce their legal and fiduciary exposures while providing their employees with a safe work environment.

        A company who feels their Workers’ Compensation and/or Health & Welfare Benefits cost too much.

        A client who believes their only option is to obtain Workers’ Compensation through a Joint Underwriters Association (JUA).

        A company who wants to offer high quality benefits options that are typically only available for larger organizations.

      Why should I use a PEO?

      PEOs allow Small to Mid-size Businesses(SMBs) to save time and money by providing payroll, benefits, and HR solutions while helping manage compliance with State and Federal Laws. By managing these aspects of a business through a PEO, you’ll have more resources available to dedicate to growing your business.

       Studies on PEOs show:*


      • Annual revenue growth is double compared to similar companies that do not use a PEO.
      • The likelihood of increasing profitability is 16% higher.
      • 7-9% more growth than businesses not working with a PEO.
      • Employees have better employee benefits typically only offered by large corporations such as 401(k) plans; health, dental, life, and other insurances; and dependent care.
      • 4-5% higher employee engagement.
      • 10-14% lower employee turnover than non-PEO clients.
      • Up to 40% reduction on annual health insurance premiums.
      • Businesses using a PEO are 50% less likely to go out of business than companies that don’t use a PEO.
      *According to a study conducted by NAPEO

      Our Consultative Process

      We believe that building relationships with our clients allows us to serve them best.

      1) We start with a free consultation to determine your needs and evaluate the time and money that you could save by using a PEO.

      2) Using the data we collected in the initial consultation, we research the available options to determine the best PEO solution for your unique goals and situation.

      3) We present the best options to you, explain how it will benefit you to use the PEO and help you with getting started.

      4) We provide ongoing support to our clients and are here to help you in any way we can.

      Are you a minority certified business owner?

      If so, partnering with Merritt Business Solutions could enhance your bids for RFPs. Diversity Suppliers require state and federal compliance, proper insurance coverages, and more. MBS will help you determine and access the requirements to position you to win RFPs from the Diversity Suppliers.

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