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6 Ways to Celebrate Women in Your Workplace

How will you celebrate the women of your workplace this International Women’s Day? If you don’t have plans to show your appreciation for the occasion on March 8th, we’ve got some ideas for your workplace to recognize women’s rights and equality.

International Women’s Day 2022 falls on March 8th, which is right around the corner! This special holiday is the perfect time to show support and appreciation for the women in your life, both inside and outside the workplace.

If you’re not quite sure how to celebrate the women on your team, here are six great ideas to show your gratitude on International Women’s Day. 

1. Show your appreciation with an email or card

The easiest way to celebrate the women on your team is to tell them how much you appreciate them. Write a card, send an email, or stop by their desk to tell them how much you enjoy working with them. Sometimes, the simplest displays of gratitude are the most meaningful! 

2. Plan an event, lunch, or outing for the women at work

If you want a grander display of your appreciation, consider planning an event, lunch, or fun outing as an act of gratitude. Treating the women in your workplace to a nice meal or a unique experience outside the workplace allows them to enjoy a non-work activity during the day and highlights the spirit of International Women’s Day. Your gesture is sure to be appreciated.  

3. Encourage employees to volunteer or donate to local women’s organizations

For those who would prefer to show support by giving back, International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to explore the women’s organizations in your area. Find one whose mission speaks to you, and consider using the day as a reason to volunteer your time or donate funds or supplies. And if you’re inspired to keep up the support, you can keep up the habit in the long term.

Here are a few Florida-based and International organizations to consider supporting:

WBENC, a non-profit organization, provides women-owned business certification throughout the country and offers programming and resources to help women-owned businesses thrive.

NAWBO is the unified voice of over 10.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, representing the fastest-growing economy segment.

Women United of Central Florida offers support programs and services for education, financial stability, and basic needs. The collective giving power of Women United has helped support nearly 180K women and more than 100K girls.

The Women’s Foundation of Florida is a community of philanthropists and advocates dedicated to investing in women’s and girls’ leadership and positively affecting their economic, social and political status.

4. Show recognition with a small gift

A great way to show your appreciation to the women at your workplace is through gift-giving. Consider a small token of appreciation, such as gift cards, flowers, or even a day off, to show your thankfulness. These gifts are likely to be an unexpected treat for your colleagues to enjoy in recognition of the holiday

5. Give a shout-out on social media

For the women in your workplace who appreciate words of affirmation and praise for a job well done, a shout-out on social media might be the perfect display of thanks. Everyone likes to feel recognized for their contributions, and sharing highlights with the public on social media is an excellent form of recognition. Try it out for anyone who will appreciate a social media spotlight.

6. Re-examine your compensation packages

Lastly, consider International Women’s Day as your invitation to take a look at the big picture. Does your compensation and company policies uplift the hard-working women of your business? If not, now is the time to make a change. If you’re unsure, take some time to re-examine policies and resources around topics like parental leave and childcare costs. 

Become a Certified Women-owned Business

If you’re also celebrating your status as a woman business owner this March, receive your WBENC certification to benefit from opportunities such as supplier diversity networks, development programs, community support, and a network of women professionals just like you. Women-owned businesses represent 42% of all US businesses today, but they continue to experience gaps in opportunity, funding, and ease of growth. 

Merritt Business Solutions is proud to be a WBENC certified business. Request a consultation today to learn how we can offer support with HR, payroll, and employee benefits for your business.

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