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6 Simple Ways to Improve Company Culture

Whether you know it or not, your company's culture has a tremendous impact on your business. For example, organizational culture has been shown to influence employee retention, productivity, and the ability to reach your business goals.

Creating a fun, interactive environment goes a long way—especially when some employees are remote or you have multiple offices in different locations. If you’re looking for actionable methods, here are six simple ways to boost your company culture and set your team up for success.

1. Recognize Your Employees’ Hard Work

It should come as no surprise that employees who feel unappreciated contribute to a negative culture. Hard work often feels less rewarding and worthwhile when its effects go unnoticed. Chances are, you’re missing opportunities to celebrate employee wins and recognize their successes. However, the more you acknowledge the effort they commit to their position, the more likely they will enjoy the work. 

2. Give Your Employees a Chance to Provide Feedback

As a leader within your organization, it’s common to be a bit disconnected from the day-to-day experiences of your employees. Your team members may have helpful feedback about how you can improve their experience, but it’s only effective with a path to share that feedback. 

To combat this issue, consider conducting employee engagement surveys and scheduling regular one-on-ones with your team members. You’ll benefit from the opportunity to improve critical areas of your business and create a better work environment for employees. 

3. Create Opportunities for Employees to Connect

Your employees also need time and space to connect with each other. Solid workplace relationships are great for your company culture, but it’s easy to forget to create those opportunities. If your employees work together in person, encourage your team members to connect over coffee and collaborate on projects throughout the day. You can also help establish planning committees that plan quarterly outings and events that bring different departments together. 

If you have a hybrid or remote workforce, make time at the beginning of meetings for personal connection, hold virtual events, and consider annual retreats to build a stronger foundation in person. Looking for ways to engage your employees remotely? Check out these five tech tools for remote teams!

4. Invest in Professional Development

Another element of organizational culture is how employees feel about their personal goals and whether your company fosters growth. If they can’t see a path forward as their careers progress, they’re more likely to become frustrated in their roles.

As the employer, you should understand each employee’s potential growth path and invest in their professional development. Whether you allow time for upskilling, pay for conferences or continued education, or foster mentorships within your organization, you’ll benefit from the culture boost. In this previous blog post, we cited a few of our favorite websites for staff learning and development.

5. Offer Flexible Work Schedules

According to Forbes, flexible workers are “happy and productive” workers. So the more happy and productive workers you have on the team, the more your culture will benefit. 

Why does a flexible schedule make employees happier? When they decide how to manage their work responsibilities most effectively, they can tailor their routine to their preferences. More importantly, offering flexibility indicates that you trust your employees to make their own decisions, which encourages loyalty. Learn more about the current trend towards flexible schedules in this blog article

6. Promote Inclusivity

Nothing pushes employees away, like feeling disconnected from the company values. It’s essential to keep in mind your team may come from many different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. While prioritizing diversity during the hiring process is critical, you should continue celebrating your team’s diversity year-round. You can read about how to create an inclusive environment in your workplace here.

Improving your culture is just one element of a robust HR strategy. You can boost team morale and engagement company-wide with the proper steps and by implementing tech to assist in remote scenarios. Contact us to learn more about outsourcing your HR needs and spending more time on what matters most—your business!

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