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How Your Company Can Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Today’s job market remains dynamic, despite industry cutbacks and concerns about a possible recession. Companies are hiring new employees daily. As more opportunities arise and competition intensifies, the power shifts toward job seekers. That’s why we’ve compiled the top five ways to stand out and attract top-tier talent in a competitive job market.

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How to Use AI to Transform Your HR Operations + 15 ChatGPT Prompts You Need to Know

“ChatGPT, write an HR strategy for me” might sound like a great prompt in theory, but even artificial intelligence (AI) can point you in the wrong direction. Though AI can offer suggestions for many areas of HR, you can’t solely depend on it to run your HR department.

However, there are benefits to using it as a tool to support your current HR operations. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of AI, including the game-changing language model ChatGPT, and learn how AI tools can revolutionize HR for your organization.

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6 Ways to Better Engage Your Non-desk Employees

Engaging your in-person and remote employees might be second nature, but what about your non-desk workforce? Your non-desk employees, such as construction, healthcare, or service industry workers, can easily feel undervalued since they have different needs than desk-based employees. You can engage and retain your essential workforce by following these six impactful strategies.

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A Guide to Small Business Health Insurance Requirements

Small business owners have a lot on their plate regarding health insurance. On the one hand, most small business owners care deeply about complying with local and federal health insurance regulations. But, on the other hand, it can be challenging to understand precisely what small business owners are on the hook for—and what they’re not on the hook for.

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Top 5 HR Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Are you tired of struggling to find the right talent for your organization? Are conflicts among employees disrupting your workplace? Do you find it challenging to manage remote teams effectively? You’re not alone if you answered yes to any of these questions. These are some of the most common challenges managers find themselves facing today.

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What Is the Real Cost of Having Employees?

Following 2020 and the great resignation, there was a rise in small businesses throughout the U.S. Many people, whether laid off due to the pandemic or ready for a new venture, decided it was time to follow their dream of owning a small business. And according to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during 2020 — the highest total on record.

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Co-workers use HRIS tech to outsource their payroll.

Your Complete Guide to Outsourcing Payroll With HRIS Tech

Processing payroll is a more complex process than most people realize. It’s not just about sending paychecks on time and validating hours—it also involves tax withholding, employee benefits administration, legal compliance, and cost management. In addition to these tasks, many payroll responsibilities are ultra-detail-oriented, high-stakes, and constantly evolving.

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9 Steps to Conducting a Payroll Audit and Why You Should

Each year, during the week following Labor Day, American businesses celebrate National Payroll Week. As an extension of the Labor Day sentiment, National Payroll Week celebrates the significance of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” For business owners, the week is a helpful reminder to revisit payroll processes with an audit, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

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5 Ways HR Tech Can Help You Streamline Compliance

Technology is constantly evolving to impact departments in every industry, and HR is no exception. The HR software industry is expected to exceed $10 billion this year, so there’s no shortage of opportunities for HR teams to implement tools that make life easier.

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A Guide to Employee Benefits and Generations

We currently have four generations in the US workforce: Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers. And while welcoming each new age group into the fold has apparent benefits for innovation and fresh perspectives, it also creates confusion for employers hoping to keep each generation satisfied at work.

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5 Steps for Creating Your Global Workforce Expansion Strategy

Many companies dream of expanding their products or services across the globe and succeeding in worldwide markets. However, the reality of launching in a new market presents a unique set of challenges for managing employees—many of which catch businesses off guard.

Use the five steps below as your carefully-crafted expansion strategy to boost your chances of success and avoid common mistakes.

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5 HR Compliance Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making

The amount of HR compliance required for businesses to be compliant at the local, state, and federal levels Is enough to make your head spin. At least, that’s what small to medium-sized business owners tell us. Here are the five kinds of mistakes we encounter most when we partner with a business ready to save time by outsourcing their HR.

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7 Costly Payroll Errors and How to Avoid Them

Nothing interrupts a peaceful moment like an email subject line that reads “URGENT! PAYROLL ERROR!”

Mistakes happen — but payroll errors are incredibly costly, both financially and to the health of your business. These mistakes can lead to financial penalties and the time and money required to correct them. According to IRS estimates, around one-third of US employers make a payroll mistake each year. We’ve explored the possible errors and compiled this list of seven costly errors to avoid during your payroll processes.

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR

HR teams are the backbone of most organizations, providing support for hiring, employee retention, legal compliance, employee relations, and more. However, for many small businesses and start-ups, devoting precious internal resources to HR isn’t always feasible. While HR responsibilities are often overlooked, there are a number of major benefits to outsourcing HR needs.

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The 5 Essentials for Your Company Year-End Review

With the new year just around the corner, it’s a great time to reflect on what went well and where we can improve. Conducting a year-end company review is a great way to evaluate strengths, weaknesses and develop new goals. Learn the five essential areas to focus on when executing reviews.

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4 Employee Benefits That Make Employers Stand Out

The past two years have changed the way we work, and it has become increasingly more difficult to retain key employees and recruit top talent. Here are four benefits that companies are now offering to attract and retain the best-qualified employees. Find out how you can start the year out right with an attractive benefits package.

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Why Business Owners Should Invest In Executive Benefits

The loss of a few key employees can have devastating implications not only for the company but also its existence. This is why introducing executive benefits is crucial in order to stay on top of the competition and offer their employees a benefits package tailored just for them. This blog explains the benefits recommended for executives.

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Why Invest in Cybersecurity for Your Company

Many people have heard of the term “cybersecurity” but may not know how it directly impacts their company. Cybercrime is a major issue, and the more information you know about cybersecurity, the better prepared your business will be to take any necessary precautions. Here are some reasons why cybersecurity should matter to every company.

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6 Common Hr Technology Challenges And How To Overcome Them

There is a world of online tools for HR professionals to use. But while they make some processes more accessible, it’s not always as easy as 1-2-3 in terms of implementation and overcoming common challenges even with the latest technology. Here are 6 common tech challenges and how you can overcome them.

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What You Need to Know about Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation policy is a part of your legal obligations as a business owner. The process can seem far more complex than it is. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect employees, but business owners need to understand what it is, how it works, who it covers, and how to make a claim.

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How the Employee Retention Credit Can Help Your Business

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are finding it more difficult to retain employees than ever. The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit to help businesses with the cost of keeping their staff employed. Find out how companies can qualify and apply for the ERC before the end of the year.

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OSHA 101: What You Need To Know

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects the health and safety of workers in the United States. It’s essential for businesses, regardless of size, to be up-to-date on OSHA standards. This can help prevent accidents in the workplace and help you avoid legal issues that could arise from negligence.

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Can A Co-Employment Provider Save My Business Money?

Every good business owner looks for ways to save money without sacrificing production quality or employee benefits. A co-employment provider can save your business money by handling HR, payroll, employee health benefits, and a host of other employer-related duties that you just don’t have time for.

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