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      About Us

      Merritt Business Solutions is a Broker of Professional Employer Organizations, frequently referred to as Employee Leasing Services, that can match you with a solution that best fits your unique needs. With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you to the best options for your business. When your business is looking for ways to manage employee relations, compliance, risk mediation, benefits administration, and/or strategic planning contact Merritt Business Solutions to help you develop a winning strategy.

      Denise Merritt

      Denise Merritt

      Founder & Managing Member

      Denise has a passion for helping businesses find the best solutions for their needs. She’s dedicated to providing her clients’ sound advice and solutions that deliver. Her committment to excellence is demonstrated by the quality of her work and exceptional customer service.

      Trust Worthy

      As a trusted member in the business community, we treat each client as we’d want to be treated…with integrity, honesty and compassion.


      With over 25 years of industry experience, Merritt Business Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the option that’s best for your company.


      Allow our skills in leadership, team building, performance management, and hew hire on-boarding & training to be an asset to your company.

      Our Story

      Merritt Business Solutions was lauched to help Small to Mid-size Businesses(SMBs) better understand their options when it comes to Benefits Administration, Expense Management, Risk Analysis and Compliance with State and Federal Laws. We are here to empower SMBs to save time and money while allowing them to focus on growth oriented actions for their companies.

      If you find yourself thinking “there’s got to be a better way”, chances are there is and we can help you find it. Through our consultative approach we will analyze your current situation, identify areas of opportunity and present the ways we can help you manage your business in a more efficient manner.

      We’re proud to be…

      Studies show that businesses that use PEOs are:


      Less Likely to Go Out of Business

      Get a competitve edge and set your business up with the best recipe for success.

      Lower Employee Turnover

      Retain and attract employees to your business like never before.


      Reduction on Health Insurance Premiums

      Offer better benefits for less resulting in better employee retention.

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