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Outsourcing Human Resource Services

Save time. Save money.
Find the Human Resource solutions that best fit your needs today.

We do the right thing for our clients, always.

We are a broker of Human Resource services.

With experience and savvy, MBS navigates the complex world of human resource services. We help you find the employee administration and business services you need to build your business and form the relationships you value.

We understand the issues faced by small-to-medium size and minority businesses. We provide solutions for hard-to-place clients. It is our mission to make your path easier, to educate you and others, and to open doors for opportunities.

What We Do

Co-Employment Services

Business owners wear multiple hats including operations, sales, marketing, finances, and human resources. Here at MBS, we reduce the burden as well as lower costs by placing you with the best option for your business.

Payroll Services

No more waiting on hold for a simple answer to a question. We don’t rely on an automated attendant for your payroll support, we offer a powerful, human connection.


As an MBS client, our benefits department offers a personal touch to your benefits program with our MBS benefits administration services.

Line Of Credit

Our Credit Line provides our valued clients with a unique opportunity to obtain a flexible loan whenever you need it which can be repaid immediately or over time which can be used for any business need.

Unique Solutions For
Your Business

We serve as a support and ally to our clients and community. We use a consultative approach that is always respectful of where you are and where you want to be.

We work with clients and providers nationwide to bring the best possible solution to you.


Andy McNeill

CEO of American Meetings Inc.

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Victoria Boatman

General Manager of SERVPRO

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Jennifer Hamilton Owner of Plastics Portfolio

We were looking for a new payroll service and we got a referral for MBS. We are so happy with Denise and Jessica! The transition was smooth and easy. Both of them answered all of our questions for our business and offered suggestions as well. The customer service is above and beyond any other payroll service! If I have a question, I get a quick response to my question. I trust MBS with all of our payroll needs. Having MBS lets me focus on our business. I am so happy MBS takes care of our payroll. I would highly recommend MBS for your payroll needs. They are a pleasure to work with and I am a very happy customer!!!.”

Odessia Joyner

I enjoyed speaking with Denise Merritt about her company’s ability to address several needs of my growing business. No owner is on an island.

Simone Star

I have had the pleasure of working with Denise multiple times, and she has a natural knack for making things extremely easy. She's blunt and full of integrity which is a true find these days. She has put together a great team who matches her energy and enthusiasm and I can't recommend them enough.

David Crespo Owner of Iconic Investigations

When I first started my company I needed help with everything from payroll services to worker’s compensation coverage. I was referred to MBS by one of their partners. Denise was able to get me the coverage I needed so that I was better prepared for the future.

Nicole Nunez

MBS truly knows what they are doing! They are not only experts in the field of brokering payroll services, benefits, and much more, but they uniquely care for what's best for their clients. Their mission is clearly defined and delivered- to save business owners time and money, doing so with passion, professionalism, and precision! Great place and people.

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